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Wedding & Events Flowers

  The beauty of the flowers is charming complement to an important event, an important moment, show how happy you are and spread joy and happiness for all your loved ones. Due to the wide of selection of flowers, different types and colors, making a decision what flower arrangements will be fabulous for you is not easy.                                                                So I am here to help you. Once are you ready to discuss your flowers needs you can contact me to a free consultation.  Ewazflorist 

Lily Of The Valley

One of the most traditional types of wedding flower. Favoured by royal brides, including the Duchess of Carnbridge. This flowers symbolises absolute purity, youth, sincerity and discretion. But most importantly symbolises happiness and love.

lily of the valley wedding bouquet


The ultimate love flower! The rose evokes endless joy and ultimate happiness. 

Red Gerbera


This cheerful flower has several meaning, but they can all be traced back to cheerfulness. 



This charming flower emphasises gratitude, grace and beauty. Three indispensable ingredients for a beautiful day. 

White Flowers


This flower stands for beauty, wealth and strength. A great combination for a sparkling wedding. 

carnation arrangement


Wow,this cheerful one says: you are always by my side!

Purple Flowers


The beautiful peony stands for wealth and honour. It also radiates romance and love and is seen as a good omen for happiness and a good marriage. 

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